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Welcome to, your number one resource for online poker information and a helping hand getting started in the game. We've got you covered if you're looking for an outstanding online poker rooms. If you're interested in how to play, we'll teach you the basics of texas holdem', the most popular casino style poker game both online and in casinos around North America.

If you're here looking for video poker information, we can't provide, but we can certainly link you to the sites we feel are most relevant on the topic. You see, traditional poker and video poker are far removed in both game-play style and strategy. Therefore it wouldn't make a lot of sense to combine the two on one website. We try to keep focused to just traditional poker and online poker here.

What is it that makes poker so very popular? There are a number of reasons, not the least of which is the ability for a group of friends to play against one another without needing a 'house' to bet, win, and lost against. Many a savvy gambler has realized that, even in the casinos, the money you're winning when you win is that of those around you, which places poker firmly in the domain of 'skill based games'. Meaning, you can get good at it. In fact, you can get really good at it, and in face-to-face sessions you can become quite good at recognizing other physical factors. This all adds up to poker being one of the most intelligent choices to play: there is no defined house edge set mathematically against you, your chances are winning are based on the skill level of the players around you.

This means wonderful things to the world of online poker. Going to the casino is one way to find people to play against, but finding people online gives you an added advantage, that being, you know they're probably not very good. The more people you have to choose from to play against, the better your chances of sitting down with some suckers. In casino poker rooms, people are there because they can play, online poker though, people are often there to learn how to play, or because it's neat and they want to try it. This is your advantage. Learn the game well, and you stand a good chance in the online poker rooms.

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