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Poker Games

There are lots of different styles of poker games out there. I intend to inform you of some of the more common poker games and personal favorites of mine here. That is why poker is fun; there are enough styles that everyone can enjoy this game. If you don’t like one you are bound to like another. I don’t think you could introduce me to a style I don’t like. I like some more than others but they are all poker in my eyes.

Draw Poker

Draw poker, there are hundreds of styles of draw poker games. With time in consideration, I will cover just the basic ideas that are behind the style of draw poker. First off, the dealer will deal you a number of cards, usually five. From there like the name implies you get to draw cards and make you best hand based on the draw. This is where it starts to vary from game to game. Some people play two, two card draws allowing you to draw two cards twice and betting after each draw. Others will have one, three card draw. The amount of draws and the amount of cards that you get to draw is not overly important; it still comes down to making your best hand out five cards in your hand.

7 Card Stud

One of my favorites is 7 Card Stud. I can remember playing this game into the wee hours of the morning with friends, when really I should have been home in bed. The way this one is played is that everyone gets three cards dealt to them cards, two face down and one face up. Then the betting begins. Everyone gets to bet based on what they have so far. Once the first round of betting is over, the dealer deals another face up card to each player. This is repeated 2 more times allowing everyone to bet in between. The seventh card dealt to everyone is face down. The person that holds the highest 5 card poker hand wins.

Texas Hold’em

Ok, I saved the best for last, or at least in my opinion. This style of poker is widely played and if you have watched poker on T.V. then it most likely was this style, or very close to it.

The game starts off with two cards dealt to everyone face down, known as the ‘Pre-flop’. Before the cards are dealt the person to the dealers left makes the predetermined ‘small blind’ bet, and the person to the left of them the ‘big blind’ bet. Once the cards are all dealt out the person to the left of the ‘large blind’ better has the choice to call or fold based on the two cards he has dealt to him/her. The rest of the round is done in regular poker fashion with people having to call or raise based on the cards dealt.

Once the round has made it back to the ‘large blind’ better then the next round is ready to begin. This round called the ‘Flop’, has the dealer flopping three cards up in the center of the table as community cards. This means everyone gets to use these cards to better there hand. The rest of the round is played in the same style as other poker games, with players betting, raising, bluffing and calling.

The next card is the ‘Turn’ card, followed by another round of betting and right into the final card, known as the ‘River’ card. I can’t tell you how often I have burned on the river. If you have played poker before and like to have fun with friends then I recommend this style of poker.

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